Thursday, June 13, 2013

One Year Anniversary of Scott's Service

Since this is the one year anniversary of Scott’s Service, I thought I’d post the reading my brother gave that day.  It is a really good picture of Scott. I hope you all enjoy it:

"We were talking about Scott yesterday and decided that if you met Scott and didn’t like him there was clearly something wrong with you.  Scott had many great qualities: I’d like to discuss a few of them and how I remember Scott.

Patience.  I have memories of Scott putting the boys to bed when they were younger which was usually 60 minutes of carrying on, yelling and thumping on the walls and floor.  All the while was Scott’s calm and steady voice permeating throughout the chaos playing air traffic controller to the boys flying around the room.  I watched him countless times with the kids while they were in the midst of an “issue”, doing his best with his slow soothing voice to calm them down.  My wife Laura told me that during our visit at Easter, our son was giving her a problem with something and not long after, Scott having heard the struggle from upstairs appeared in the kitchen.  He drew her into a hug and said “When they push you away, bring them closer.”

Passion.  I enjoyed listening to Scott explain anything, he would become so animated when talking about something that excited him.  He could talk about the life of a bug and make it sound interesting and would sometimes start with the words “Well, those are nasty little guys” or “Oh yeah!, well you know what they do?”.  Scott had also perfected the art of moaning while eating something he loved, followed by “Oh man is that good!”  Scott would sometimes grab Allison and start dancing around the room, it usually concluded with a dip and a romantic kiss.  He threw himself 100% into anything he was doing. I admired him for his commitment, whether it be a project, playing a game or spending time with someone who was in need of help.

Sense of Humor.  I could write a book just about Scott’s sense of humor.  When telling a story he would use sound effects and facial expressions to accentuate his point, “blahhh” was one of his favorites.  He would make my sister laugh to the point of tears which always made me smile.  There was one time in particular when we were all returning from a 4th of July celebration at Smuggler’s Notch in the van. Allison was driving, and Scott was in another car with one of the boys.  We all stopped at the gas station in town to refuel the van, including Scott.  Being the gentleman that he was, he came over to the van to handle the fueling.  Except when he came over, he began speaking with a long southern drawl pretending to be a fresh gas station attendant “Gee Maam, you sure are pretty”, Allison replied “How dare you, if only my husband were here you would be in big trouble”, Scott added “Well I ain’t afraid of em”, Allison said “Well I do have six children are you still interested?”.  This went on for at least five minutes and I think they actually convinced some of the other patrons it was happening for real.  We all laughed to the point of tears while pulling away, there stood Scott hands on hips in full character watching us leave.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen my Mother laugh so hard in her life.

I was always comforted by the fact that Scott was here for my sister, my nephews and niece.  I remember one time in particular when Scott dove into a swimming pool fully clothed to help Noah who was beginning to struggle and had slipped into the deep end.  Scott was in the pool and getting to Noah before any of us knew what was happening.  Even though he is no longer here in the physical sense, I know spiritually he is protecting his family.  I don’t claim to share the same level of grief as a son or daughter losing a Father, my Sister losing her husband or a brother or sister losing a sibling.  I do know I’ve lost a good friend and someone I am proud to call my Brother-In-Law.  Goodbye brother Scott, I know you fought like a warrior to stay, but left this world in peace and into the arms of God and left an example of what all men should aspire to be. "

Thank you so much Norm for this well written and heart felt piece.


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Allison -

I hope these memories (so beautifully written) bring your family comfort.

Thinking of you today.

Allison said...

Thank you so much for your kindness and support!